Children & Youth in Recreation Grants

This goal of this fund is to support recreational projects and programs for children and youth in the Campbellford/Seymour community.

Grant Priorities:

  • Broadly based participation in community recreation:
    • Healthy and safe physical activity and recreation for children and youth under 18 years of age
    • Sport, recreation, fitness, youth leadership, camping & outdoor education, play groups, the arts & cultural activities

Funding Framework:

  • To encourage and support projects that will:
    • Focus and dedicate specific resources to foster recreational initiatives
    • Provide recreational opportunities to those who would otherwise not have access to them
    • Promote the fact that quality recreation is an integral part of a healthy community
    • Promote the value of recreation in healthy child development
    • Increase the number of children and youth participating in healthy recreation
    • Enhance the self-development of individuals
    • Promote healthy, active living
    • Encourage youth leadership development
    • Strengthen social, mental and physical health of children and youth
  • To support programs that encourage broad participation in healthy and safe recreation:
    • Initiatives that are inclusive and accessible
    • Initiatives that have meaningful participation of youth
    • Initiatives that develop social and physical skills, improve social, mental & physical health or that foster creativity
    • Initiatives that lead to positive experiences
    • Initiatives that encourage youth to stay in school
    • Initiatives that encourage participation from the diverse community
    • Initiatives that encourage voluntarism and that develops leadership