Crowe Bridge Conservation Area

Environmental Mini Grant

Applications for Environmental Mini Grants should promote and support environmental stewardship and sustainable living in the Campbellford/Seymour area.

Grant Funding available annually - $500 total (Accepting applications for funding of $100 to $500)

Grant Priorities:

  • Building Capacity and Co-operation in the community: Projects to help to build and enable groups and organizations that want to take action through education, information, partnerships, co-operation, and planning.
  • Protecting and Enhancing our environmental assets:
    • Natural landscapes: habitat, natural areas, and wildlife, plus the outdoor activities people enjoy in these green spaces
    • Water quality: wetlands, shorelines, fish habitat, plus the activities that people enjoy such as fishing, boating, and swimming
    • Sustainable Community Lifestyles: Healthy and sustainable lifestyles based on Environmental Diversity: agriculture, recreation, cultural activities

Funding Framework:

  • Green Community - for projects oriented to the values of environmental sustainability:
    • reduced energy and chemical use
    • environmentally sustainable economic activities, with a focus on agriculture and alternative energy
    • economic activities that link local production with local consumption, including farmers markets,
    • information and educational materials that provide public information on sustainable choices
    • lifestyle options and activities that foster the growth of a green community ethic.
  • Watershed Protection - for projects that support efforts to protect water bodies from pollution and other forms of ecological damage:
    • support for environmentally-sustainable uses of the area’s water resources and surrounding landscapes
    • the promotion of agricultural activities that protect area water bodies
    • information and educational materials that provide public information on water quality issues and solutions
    • personal lifestyle choices that maintain and enhance local water quality and quantity.
  • Landscape Protection - for projects that support efforts to maintain, increase and enhance the amount of land in Campbellford/ Seymour that is protected for environmental purposes:
    • parks, conservation areas, natural habitat areas, etc. and public access to such areas
    • support for the protection of wildlife populations and habitats especially those with species at risk
    • support for efforts to maintain and enhance appropriate access to natural areas for low impact recreation and nature study/ observation activities, and related information and educational materials.

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