HATCH grant program

The Helping Assure Tomorrow's Charitable Hearts (HATCH) Grants Program ran from 2005 to 2018, and was used to develop projects that were important to elementary and high school students. Students were encouraged to develop a project idea that could benefit the environment, the arts, or sports, recreation and education in their school community. HATCH Grants were limited to a maximun of $1,000 per school per school year.

Some of the ideas that received HATCH funding over the years include Cambellford District High School’s Environmental Club for their recycling bin and garden box project, Hillcrest Public School’s Operation Einstein to purchase new math textbooks, Kent Public School for the purchase of recess play equipment, and St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary for their Litterless Lunch Project.

List of Hatch Grants 2005 - 2018

The HATCH Grant program has come to an end and is being replaced with the Community Kindness Grant program. This innovative program for local schools will connect learning to needs in our community. Read more>>

HATCH Grants and the Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

Assisting with the HATCH Grant program was one of the YAC members main activities. Members of the YAC visited each school to help interested students formulate project ideas.