Job Opportunity for Youth Grant Program

In an effort to address the specific community need of youth employment, a NEW grant opportunity was developed in 2012. The Job Opportunity for Youth initiative provides charitable and not‐for‐profit organizations with grant funding to provide job opportunities for youth in our community.

The grants aim to support charitable and not‐for‐profit organizations to complete specific projects that will directly benefit their organization and to provide youth with economic opportunities by achieving some or all of the following goals:

  • Provide opportunities to learn about charitable and not‐for‐profit organizations
  • Develop skills for future employability
  • Support an important demographic of our community by providing mentoring and sharing skills, talents, knowledge and professional services
  • Link youth to meaningful economic opportunities that will help create stronger and more connected communities
  • Provide opportunities to build connections with employers

The Community Foundation expects that through these Job Opportunity for Youth grants, charitable and not‐for‐profit organizations can have a greater impact on our community. We know that these groups strive to meet the changing needs of our community by improving the quality of life for all residents.

At this time, Job Opportunity for Youth grants are only available to organizations that support the Campbellford/Seymour community as the grant funding is allocated from our Campbellford/Seymour Community Fund.

As of 2022 80 students have had the benefit of gaining on the job experience through this grant initiative, at these local organizations:

  • Aron Theatre Cooperative Inc. - Marketing Intern, Youth Engagement Manager
  • Artworth Trent Hills Art Camp - Assistant Camp Coordinators
  • Beehive/Compass Early Learning and Care - Early Childhood Education Assistants
  • Campbellford Incredible Edibles Festival - Marketing Coordinators
  • Campbellford Memorial Hospital - Positions in the Laboratory, Cardiac Testing, Mental Health, Restorative Care, and Finance 
  • Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation - Special Events Coordinator, Administrative Assistants, Marketing Assistants
  • Campbellford-Seymour Heritage Society - Cemetery Mapping Project
  • Community Care Northumberland - Community Outreach Assistant, Program Assistants
  • Campbellford Community Resource Centre/ Community Living Campbellford/Brighton - daycamp coordinator, Summer Daycamp Counselors, Resource Centre Activity Assistants
  • Municipality of Trent Hills - Kennedy Park Canteen Attendant/Marketing
  • Promised Land Animal Sanctuary - Special Events and Farm Assistant
  • Seniors Wellness Taskforce - Seniors Wellness Road Map
  • Trent Hills Public Library Board - Outreach/Program Coordinator
  • Westben Arts Festival Theatre - Customer Service positions, Sound Intern, Production Intern
  • YMCA Northumberland Ontario Early Years Centre - Early Learning Specialist Support Staff