Northumberland's Vital Signs

Did you know that poverty is not only a lack of income, but also a lack of access to basic services, opportunities and resources? Poverty affects people's health, education, dignity and human rights.

Get all the facts about your community in our first Vital Signs Report for Northumberland.

Northumberland County Fund

By making a donation to the Northumberland County Fund you will make a lasting difference, working together with us to build a stronger, healthier and more vibrant community for everyone.

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2024 Grant Recipients

This year we awarded over $143,000 in grant funding to 17 local community service organizations for a wide variety of projects and programs, including five student summer employment positions through our Job Opportunity for Youth grant program.

Congratulations to all 2024 Grant Recipients!

Planned Giving

For Professional Advisors

Assist your clients in making personalized giving solutions that have long-term community impact.

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What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving or Charitable Gift Planning happens when a donor works with a Professional Advisor to create a complete and balanced approach to giving that addresses estate, tax and financial planning objectives.

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