Let Them Be Kids Playground Project Warkworth


We are uniquely positioned to bring together people like you who care about making a lasting difference in our community, with charitable organizations that are addressing our most pressing priorities.

You’ll also be part of a network of like-minded people, all working to have impact on improving the quality of life for our fellow citizens. We share your vision of a community that is strong and healthy, connecting people to causes they care about including arts and culture, the environment, health, recreation, education and more. Together we’re working to build a community where we all belong — now and for the future.

Since 2003 we have been able to invest approximately $4.2 million in community projects.

So, what does $4.2 million look like?

It looks like playgrounds, park benches, talking books, soccer nets and basketball hoops, an upgraded ball diamond, team uniforms, x-ray tables, musical instruments, forest food gardens and shade trees, a splash pad and a skatepark, wetlands, waterfronts and water mains — and so much more.

Take a look!