Rotary Trail Campbellford

Strategic Plan


In 2016, the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary as a community partner and grant maker.  To mark this important milestone a community consultation process took place. 64 individuals provided input through one-on-one interviews or on-line surveys (donors, volunteers, board members, grant beneficiaries and professional advisors) and were asked to share their views on the impact the Community Foundation has had on the Campbellford/Seymour community.  Beginning with our commitment to community vitality, we used this information to develop our five-year strategic plan.

The Community Foundation awards some $250,000 in grants each year and has provided grants to more than 56 community organizations.  As part of the Flourish Campaign, a commitment of $500,000 has been made to the Campbellford Recreation and Wellness Centre providing $50,000 in annual grants for 10 years.  Over the next decade, the Community Foundation will invest another $2.5 Million in the community, thereby creating significant opportunities for community change.

Here is an overview of the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation’s plan, which covers four major strategies, each with supporting goals:

Strategy 1.0:  Bring Value to Our Community Partners

Goal 1)   Support Grantees to Amplify Their Impact

Goal 2)  Encourage and Support Youth Initiatives

Goal 3)  Leverage our Resources Through Partnerships

Goal 4)   Endowment Building

Strategy 2.0:   Increase Engagement and Participation

Goal 1) Implement a more focused outreach strategy

Strategy 3.0:   Support Learning and Growth

Goal 1)  Measure and evaluate to demonstrate and improve our results

Goal 2)  Share Knowledge Resources

Strategy 4.0:  Enhance Effective Organizational Practices

Goal 1)   Align strategic plan with budgets to ensure financial sustainability and develop a timetable and process to monitor policies and practices.

Goal 2)   Build a high performance culture with our staff

Goal 3)   Build a high performance culture with our volunteers


For more information on the CSCF Strategic Plan please call our office at 705-653-2005.