COVID-19 ECSF Grants Awarded

We are pleased to announce the following community organization's projects supported by grants from the Emergency Community Support Fund.

We received $105,000 to distribute - $75,000 in Round 1, and $30,000 to distribute in Round 2.

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton 

  • CLCB Food Program - $14,289 in Round 1 - Due to the fragile nature of the health of some of their clients, it is imperative they self isolate and not risk going out unnecessarily. During normal times, Community Living Campbellford/Brighton supports people to cook meals in their homes, and this has not been an option as the staff must practice physical distancing, for their own safety as well as those they support. This funding will be used to deliver meals on a regular basis, which also provides a "doorstep check in", which is the only social contact for many.

  • Food Security Program - $4,400 in Round 2 - This funding will greatly assist in maintaining the amount of groceries required to continue this necessary program and to continue to provide the best possible care for their clients.

Rotary Club of Campbellford 

  • Personal Protective Equipment for all Businesses in Trent Hills - $9,605 in Round 1 - The Rotary Club of Campbellford is a service club whose members are from the business community. The business community needs to be compliant with Government of Canada’s COVID-19 health regulations for businesses to re-open their business. The Rotary Club of Campbellford, in an effort to assist with the COVID-19 Crisis, has already provided over 400 polycarbonate re-usable protective face shields in our community with funding from the Community Foundation's COVID-19 Community Response Fund. The original order of face shields was quickly exhausted and this funding allowed the purchase of more PPE, such as face shields, face masks and infrared thermometers.

Five Counties Children's Centre 

  • "Help at Home" Program - Northumberland County - $7,000 in Round 1 - This program will allow children to receive their much-needed therapy/treatment virtually at home and continue their progress while Centre sites are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Grant funding will be used to purchase computer equipment that will allow staff working remotely to provide the connection, comfort and support that families need, as well as provide equipment for families that don’t have the financial means to purchase the computer equipment for their child to receive and benefit from treatment.

  • Creation of an Outdoor Treatment Space - $2,000 in Round 2 - This grant funding will be used to purchase accessible picnic tables for their outdoor treatment space, which will allow them to increase their treatment capacity year-round. 

Book Clubs for Inmates 

  • Supporting Book Clubs in Federal Prisons - $5,000 in Round 1 - Grant funding will be used to provide a book club to incarcerated men at Warkworth Institution. Through book clubs, Book Clubs for Inmates (BCFI) promotes literacy and pro-social skills and the value of community. Inmates gain empathy and self-awareness through engagement with characters in literary fiction and non-fiction. These meaningful life lessons help them reintegrate more successfully back into the community upon release. 

St. John's United Church

  • Christmas Assistance Program - $5,000 in Round 2 - The Salvation Army has left Campbellford and St. John's has taken on the role of providing for the community during the holiday season. This grant funding will be used to purchase gift cards to hand out to community members in Campbellford living in poverty, for food, personal items and if funding allows, gifts. 

  • Upgrades for Community Rental Space and Administration - $1,200 in Round 2 - St. John's has a large auditorium space that is becoming in demand during the pandemic due to its size and its ability to allow for physical distancing. This grant funding will be used to purchase a laptop computer in order to to make the church office portable and allow for easier booking of the auditorium.

The Bridge Hospice

  • Purchase and Installation of 3 Retractable Awnings - $5,000 in Round 2 - The installation of retractable awnings outside each of the three resident rooms will allow shelter from inclement weather and additional access during the pandemic to increase the opportunities for family and friends to say goodbye to their loved one in person. 

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation

  • Improving Communication at CMH and its Campus Partners - $27,606 in Round 1 - These funds were used to install a Free Public Wi-Fi Access Network to improve connections and communications for patients, clients and residents at Campbellford Memorial Hospital, Campbellford Memorial MultiCare Lodge, and Campbellford & District Community Mental Health.
  • Creation of a Self-Contained Trauma Room in the Emergency Department - $11,500 in Round 1 - The COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the need to install a self-contained Trauma Room in the Campbellford Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department to treat patients arriving at the hospital with any suspected communicable diseases. Grant funding will go towards the installation of a movable divider, and an infection control shield system in the Emergency Department.
  • Sliding Entrance Doors for Trauma room in Emergency Department - $4,400 in Round 2 - These funds will be used to install two wall mount manual sliding entrance doors to create a self-contained trauma room in the Emergency Department.

  • Implement COVID-19 Testing a CMH - $5,000 in Round 2 - Patient swabs done at the Assessment Centre are currently being sent out of the area for analysis. This grant funding will be used to purchase a Solana Instrument, which will allow CMH to do its own COVID-19 testing and the instrument can be used for influenza testing after the pandemic as well.

Campbellford & District Community Mental Health

  • In partnership with Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation - Making Mental Health Groups COVID-19 Friendly - $3,000 in Round 2 - This funding will be used to purchase chairs to be able to meet the requirements of social distancing protocols in order to restart social and therapy groups for clients. Funding will also be used to provide a hot Christmas meal and a small gift for clients.