Create a Smart and Caring Community Fund

A geographic-based community fund is a great opportunity for citizens to give back to their local community. Led by community members, donations of all sizes are pooled together into a community named Smart & Caring Community Fund that will support charitable causes in its area for generations.

The following materials are provided as a guide for conversation and to determine the potoential strength of creating a Smart & Caring Community Fund for your community.

What is a Community Foundation - Infographic

Community Foundation and Community Fund - What is the difference between a Foundation and a Fund?

Discussion and Decision Points - When considering a Community Fund

Comparing Three Approaches - Community Foundation vs. Commercial Donor Advised Fund vs. Private Foundation

Community Fund Decision Points - Fact Sheet

Smart & Caring Communities Brochure

Engaging Hearts and Minds - Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation brochure


Our Smart & Caring Communities

Smart & Caring Communities is a landmark effort that is bringing Canada’s community foundation movement together. Collectively we are working to ensure that every community has access to a community foundation, and to that end have created two new funds:

Hastings Smart & Caring Community Fund

Warkworth Smart & Caring Community Fund