Community Funds - Warkworth & Hastings

Your community makes you and you make your community!

You can become part of a vision for your community by investing in your community. This "Give where you live" philosophy will help ensure that each community can respond to its needs through access to their own granting program, just like we do for Campbellford/Seymour. To this end, we have created two new Community Funds, one for Hastings and one for Warkworth.

Georgraphically based Community Funds provide those with the means and the opportunity to invest in solutions, to help their friends and neighbours for generations to come. Contributions to this fund will be invested and the interest generated will be used to support the community in the form of grants to charitable organizations.

If you would like to invest in your community's future with a gift, click on the Donate Now button to the right of your community's fund. If you would like to leave a bequest for your community, please contact us.


Hastings Community Fund

Warkworth Community Fund